Quality Management

It is the 3Phase Reservoir Technology Sdn Bhd policy on Quality to maintain and optimum quality system, planned and developed in relation to the management functions, to ensure that facilities are available to sustain the quality of our products and services. 3Phase is committed to regularly review its performance based on the policy objectives.

Our commitment to Quality is reflected in our objectives:

  • Supply quality products and services at internationally competitive prices
  • Provide all phases of products and services delivered meets client’s specifications
  • Understand the full specifications and intended requirements of our clients
  • Comply with or exceed the requirements of our clients, if necessary
  • Perform quality assurance policy on services and equipments at all times

The nature of our business requires strong emphasis on expertise, capability, reliability, safety and quality. Thus, 3Phase is committed to providing services which add values and contribute towards the success of our clients and business performance.

As part of our commitment, the management shall ensure that policy on Quality is understood, implemented at all levels of business operations within 3Phase.