Representative sampling is always a very crucial prerequisite for a very good data obtained from analysis of the samples. With challenges to sample well fluids which has been subjected to severe conditional changes, along the test or production lines, 3Phase Reservoir Technology Sdn Bhd pre- sents a solution to obtaining good equilibrium and representative samples of the produced fluids.

The technique can be deployed for both oil or gas-condensate well systems. This technique include isokinetic sampling in which a faction of the fluids stream is sampled via a probe a flow into the micro separator (micro-sep). The micro-sep which is part of the technique allows manipulation of pres- sure and temperature of the sample- stream, thus giving better equilibrium conditions. The separa- tion vessels in the micro-sep though of a small scale also provide for a much longer retention time than the test separator.

Photo ISO Flash

ISO-FLASH® can provide user with real time measurement and monitoring data for:-

  • Liquid gad ratio i.e. GOR /CGR and WGR
  • Updated liquid and gas rate measurement
  • Shrinkage value
  • Stable and better quality PVT samples
  • Onsite measurement for fluids properties and trace elements, etc.