Onsite PVT Analysis

3Phase Reservoir Technology Sdn Bhd offers a quick and reliable solution for oil and gas companies in obtain- ing PVT data via PVT simulation software. With a compact and complete laboratory for onsite or offshore vali- dation and measurements, 3Phase can offer the following;

Sample Quality Control

  • Degree of mud filtrate contamination
  • Identify non-representative samples

Reservoir Fluid Properties:

  • Density at reservoir conditions
  • Saturation pressure
  • GOR (gas/oil ratio)
  • GWR (gas/water ratio)
  • Formation volume factor (Bo, calculated)
  • Density of oil, gas and water at standard conditions
  • Molecular weight of oil

Compositional Analysis:

  • Compositional analysis of oil to C36+ using gas chromatography
  • Compositional analysis of gas to C10+ using gas chromatography
  • Compositional analysis of forma tion water using ion chromatography

PVT Calculations:

  • Validate compositional analysis by calculat- ing reservoir fluid properties.
  • Perform PVT calculations of fluid phase behaviour at different P & T.

PVTsim software used by 3Phase is a versatile PVT simulation program developed for reservoir engineers, flow assurance spe- cialists, PVT lab engineers and process engineers. The PVT simu- lation package PVTsim is being used by leading oil producing and operating companies throughout the world.

Based on an extensive data material collected over a period of more than 20 years, PVTsim carries the information from experimental PVT studies into simulation software in a consistent manner and without loosing valuable information on the way.

PVTsim allows reservoir engineers, flow assurance specialists and process engineers to combine reliable fluid characterization procedures with robust and efficient regression algorithms to match fluid properties and experimental data. The fluid parameters may be exported to produce high quality input data for reservoir, pipe- line and process simulators.

PVTsim is petroleum phase behavior at the tip of your fingers.