Wireline Fluid Transfer

Wireline fluid sample transfer unit provides a quick validity check for samples retrieved from Wireline fluid sampling (WFS) tools. All reservoir fluid samples needs to be checked with respect to conformity and selected samples need to be quality controlled. Since most of the WFS tools do not equip as transportation vessel, WFS transfer unit will enable the fluid samples to be transferred to sample bottles suitable for transportation and preservation. This is important in order to secure good quality samples and to prevent non-representative and highly contaminated samples from being shipped to the PVT laboratory. These sample bottles are available from Titus Technologies Services Sdn Bhd/3Phase Reservoir Technology Sdn Bhd.

Initial Quality Control

  • Measure opening pressure
  • Measure saturation pressure
  • Measure degree of contamination from oil/water based mud

Transfer to PVT Sample Bottle

  • Heating & conditioning
  • Wide range of PVT sample bottles available to fit most fluids/applications
  • Prepare Sample Transfer Datasheets and Shipping Documents

Measurements on remaining sample volumes

  • Gas Composition by Micro-GC, C1, C2… C7+, CO2, N2
  • CO2, H2S contents by Draeger

List of Main Equipment

  • High Pressure Air Driven Pump – capacity up to 15K
  • Heating Block/Blanket/Tape
  • Rocking Bench
  • Sample Bottle